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Just talk to your father. You have a father, Ben. Ben, make him believe. Make them believe.

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- Boy, you can be frustrating.

- I’m your younger brother, that’s what we do.

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Time is running out, and you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Here’s a look at what’s ahead on Falling Skies.

"I really love playing scenes with Drew. Some of my favorite scenes in the entire season were the ones I had with Drew because he’s such a nice guy and good actor. And he’s really, really giving as an actor in terms of like he’s up for anything. He has great ideas and he’s not much older than me so he really has this sort of half-friend, half-older brother kind of relationship going with me in that he’s very relaxed but also very helpful."

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Go behind the scenes of Season 4 with the Falling Skies cast! Watch TONIGHT’s premiere at 10/9c only on TNT.

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